Make your way to a life-changing career opportunity in Customer Success.

Launch your new career with the #6 fastest-growing job on LinkedIn

Our Customer Success Program is your way into the tech industry.

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A journey to help you win in your career and life

Go way beyond standard training

Go way beyond standard training

4 weeks of instructor-led live classes, self-paced work, and mentorship from Customer Success leaders in the industry.
Ace your job search!

Ace your job search!

We’ll help you land a job and put you on the fast track to a career path to a customer success career.
Join a community for life

Join a community for life

Access to a powerful network and professional community of diverse, up-and-coming tech leaders across the country.

Our CS Program tees you up to land and succeed in the new, trail-blazing tech role as a Customer Success Associate

Here’s what you’ll be doing in your day-to-day:

Our first generations will get the upper hand in the Customer Success Industry

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Our first generations will get the upper hand in the Customer Success Industry

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Taking action to create a Tech Industry that supports the access of diverse candidates

“We started SV Academy to help high potential under-represented candidates launch future-proof careers in the tech industry, no matter what school they attended or background they came from.”

Rahim Fazal, Co-founder and CEO at SV Academy

“We’re all accountable for making the Customer Success category successful – which, by definition, means diverse.”

Robin Garcia-Amaya, VP, Chief of Staff and Head of Philanthropy, Gainsight

“We’re excited to partner with SV Academy, a team that’s democratizing access to life-changing careers and economic opportunity.”

Ashton Kutcher, Co-founder and General Partner at Sound Ventures

We invest in you first. You pay us back later.

There is no upfront cost for you beyond the $100 commitment fee to participate in the program. We are investing in your future and you’ll pay it forward in $10K flat-rate tuition only when you land a high-paying customer-facing tech job. Many of our employer partners offer scholarships as a part of their hiring packages.


If you don’t land a job within 6 months after graduating, you pay nothing for the program.


You pay $0 in tuition until 30 days after you land a high-paying job.


We don’t charge you more when you get promoted.


Unlike standard loans, you will never be charged interest.


One-time commitment fee that will be refunded after successful completion of the program.

27 days

SV Academy grads land new jobs in an average of 27 days after graduation.

Deferred Tuition plans are limited. You can also choose to pay upfront and you’ll be in a new career starting at ~65K in about two months.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the process to request a waiver for the $100 commitment fee?
Send a letter to explaining your situation, your commitment to the program, and how you think the program will change your life.
What are the requirements of the program?
All students are required to have the technological support to learn and work remotely, this includes having access to computers, wifi, and programs like Zoom and Slack. Once admitted to the 4-week, full-time program and before it officially starts, you will be expected to complete assignments designed to help you get the most out of the experience. You also need to be available for full-time employment starting after you graduate.
What's the difference between SV Academy's Deferred Tuition Agreement and tuition financing offered by other programs?
With SV Academy, you pay a flat rate of $10K in tuition, either upfront or once you land a job through interest-free payments. This covers training, mentorship, coaching, and a lifetime of community access. There are no membership dues or hidden fees. Other programs take a percentage of your salary and take more as you get promoted, which can add up to as much as three times more in tuition. We are dedicated to seeing you thrive long after you graduate from the program. No strings attached.
What type of jobs will I be eligible for after completing the program?
Our programs train for entry-level Tech Sales and Customer Success roles, including Sales Development Representatives, Business Development Representatives, and Customer Success Associates. Our grads have gone onto other roles including Team Managers and Directors, Partnership Leads, Customer Success Managers, and Marketing Specialists.
Can I keep my current job while I complete the program?
Our full-time program requires 8 hours of classes and async work each day during the workweek, which is not compatible with a full-time job. Our part-time programs are designed to be completed in the evenings and weekends.
What are the requirements to apply for SV Academy?
While our program is competitive, the only requirement to apply is the ability to legally work long-term in the US, and a bachelor’s degree for our Customer Success program.
What happens if I don’t get a job?
If you don’t get a job offer within 6 months after successfully completing the program you pay nothing.
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