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We have a large community of early-career sales professionals—with hundreds of new graduates every month—that are ready to be matched with your company within 24 hours.


Our learners complete a competitive admissions process and real-world training to drive impact for your business from Day One.


SV Academy graduates are plugged into a network of 2000+ diverse SDRs and Customer Success Associates across the SaaS industry.


On-the-job career coaching for up to 1 year drives success and gives companies an extra layer of support while onboarding new hires.


Access matches aligned with your needs, in addition to assessment scores, video interviews, and other material that can help you in your hiring process.

400+ companies have hired from SV Academy

"We are lucky to be working with Madalyn and all SV grads we have here at Alation"

Tracy Eiler, Chief Marketing Officer

"Thanks SV for providing me the building blocks for a job and a successful career.”

Madalyn Aerne, Sales Development Manager • Tech Sales Program, 2021

"When I work with SV grads I have a lot more confidence they'll be ready for the job."

Ernest Owusu, Sr. Director, Sales Development

"Ernest, thank you for an amazing recruitment process and for taking a chance on me"

Aaron Torres, Enterprise Business Development Representative • Tech Sales Program, 2021

Diversity beyond numbers

Millions of workers, largely women and people of color, are making significant career moves. SV Academy is dedicated to discovering, vetting, training, and referring underrepresented and underserved job seekers. Our award-winning programs have a track record of launching successful careers in Sales and Customer Success.


60% of SV Academy grads are promoted within their first year in their new careers


Over 2000 hires (and growing) have been made through the SV Academy platform


More than 85% of our grads belong to an underrepresented group