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Case Study

How SV Academy has leveled up SDR performance at Sisense

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Lucas Hulleberg

Enterprise BDR Manager, Sisense

“SV Academy fellows come prepared with everything employers are looking for. The quality, confidence and skill of the graduates is unparalleled.”

“Andrae has only been here a few months and is hitting 200% of his quota - he’ll likely hit 220% by the end of the month. He’s a team player, and is already working with other teams to see how he can contribute. SV Academy grads are second-to-none. I need ten more BDRs just like Andrae!"


reduced hiring time compared to standard sourcing methods


faster quota attainment compared to standard hires


quota attainment after three months on-the-job

What people are saying about us

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Alex Griffin

Enterprise SDM Manager, Dynamic Signal

"It’s not just about the numbers on our team. SV Academy grads have served as mentors and trainers for best practices, they collaborate to produce the best work possible."

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Kent Holland

Sr. Director of Sales, Cooper

"SDRs are successful in-role, SV Academy provides a quality stamp that’s nearly impossible to get when working through a standard recruiter."

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Chris Ferrato

Director of WW Sales Development, Lacework

"SV Academy grads - I don't have to worry about them. They know how to work hard. They already know how to be SDR's, so I want to prep them to get promotions."

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Mitch Stewart

VP of WW Inside Sales, Pure Storage

“I just interviewed Armand Flores. If all the candidates you provide are like him, we're going to hire them all!"

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Jody Murphy

Director of Sales Development, Alation

"Your grads can pitch our company better than any other SDR on our team."

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Dave Shull

University Partnerships Team Lead, Handshake

"You've raised the bar for us. They know what to do, they've done an internship and they've used the tools, so this is amazing."

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Evan Warner

Manager of Enterprise Sales Development, Survey Monkey

"I want to pull all my candidates from SV Academy. You're doing a great job."

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February 5, 2020
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