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Apply today for the SV Academy tech sales and business development fellowship. Delivered to you in partnership with Florida International University, SV Academy is a tuition-free, online job training program that opens the door to full-time, high-paying tech sales representative roles at top tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York City with an average starting salary package of $79,000. No prior experience, connections or technical knowledge required!

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Jump-start your career in tech

Secure a tech sales job with the chance to grow at a leading tech company.

Through this partnership, all FIU seniors (within 90 days of graduation) and alumni will be eligible to receive a certificate in tech sales and business development from FIU upon completion of the 12-week program.

What our fellowship provides you


employers value

Learn to transfer the skills you’ve already gained to tech. Support them with crucial business development expertise.



Our program includes an internship at a tech startup, so you can hit the ground running once you get hired.



From LinkedIn to Google, your new network of mentors are leaders in the industry’s biggest companies.

A great job

in tech

Complete the first 12 weeks of our program and transition into a business development role at a fast-growing company with an average starting package of $79,000 OTE.

"During my time in school, I deeply enjoyed education, but I was unsure how to take my experience and apply it to a real-world job. Once I graduated from SV Academy in June 2018, I felt primed to take on my new role because I was supported through any moments of self-doubt and uncertainty that accompany any young graduate entering the workforce. They've been with me as I experienced two internal promotions in just a year, and I know SV Academy will stay with me as more opportunities come my way."

Maryam Waris, SV Academy Graduate, Cohort 7, Customer Success Manager at Branch

Plan your career path

Tech sales and business development is about building relationships, identifying opportunities and helping companies reach their goals. Your skills, work experiences and connections are transferable to many roles in your career — whether you become the head of sales or the CEO.

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