As job seekers flood the market, candidate quality is more important than ever.

To provide relief to employers during the COVID-19 outbreak, SV Academy, FastCompany’s #2 Most Innovate Education Company for 2020, has partnered with the Kapor Foundation to provide diverse SDR hiring to managers.

The Kapor Center actively works to make the technology ecosystem and entrepreneurship more diverse and inclusive.

Hire the best SDRs

Trusted hiring that leads to immediate results.

We prepare our ambitious Fellows with the real-world tech sales skills to drive impact for your business from Day 1, including over 300 hours of sales training before hiring.

500%Faster hiring
6 weeksIn saved ramp time
12moOngoing career coaching

SV Academy’s rigorous training and vetting process has resulted in a record number of top-performing SDRs.

From hitting quotas 25% faster in comparison to candidates sourced from other channels, to setting records of over 200% on monthly attainment, to receiving SDR of the Year 2019 awards.

Hire the best SDRs
1,000+Applicants per month to our school
2%Applicants admitted to our school
1%Graduates introduced to employers

Over 400 leading SaaS companies hire SDRs from SV Academy.

We're excited to partner with SV Academy, a team that's democratizing access to life-changing careers and economic opportunity with a truly unique approach —this is education that's hands-on with a job on the other side.

Ashton Kutcher, Co-founder and General Partner at Sound Ventures

SV Academy selects a small number of the most determined job seekers for a fully immersive SDR fellowship and testing program. Only the best are made available to employers for interviews.

153Competencies assessed
80 +Practices completed
200 +Lessons available

Emily Haines

SDR Manager, Handshake

"SV Academy Fellows ingest information very quickly... ramp quicker, hit quota quicker, and for a longer period of time."

Pete Prowitt

Manager of Core & Emerging Business Teams, Intercom

"I think SV Academy brings forth candidates who are really ready to adapt to change, stay resilient, stay positive."

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