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SV Academy Employers
SV Academy Employers

Diversity beyond numbers

With millions unemployed, communities of color and women are disproportionately hit. SV Academy is dedicated to discovering, vetting, training, and referring underrepresented and under-served job seekers. Our award-winning programs have a proven track record of launching successful careers in Tech Sales and Customer Success.

42% of our graduates are Black/Latinx, 60% are women, 70% are 1st generation college grads

$1M+ committed to pre-paid tuition scholarships by top-tier employers

2.4x income expansion with an average increase of $50K after completing the program

SV Academy graduates are...


Our learners go through a competitive admissions process and 300 hours of training, along with mentorship and real-world skills to drive impact for your business from day one.


SV Academy grads are known for quickly ramping and hitting quotas 25% faster, setting records over 200% on monthly attainment, and receiving company awards.


On-the-job career coaching for up to 1 year ensures success, and gives companies an extra layer of support while onboarding new hires.


Get access to stronger, data-backed qualified referrals with assessment scores, video interviews, and in-depth recommendations.

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Over 400 leading SaaS companies hire our grads for revenue-generating roles.

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