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Why customer-facing roles?

  • Use your people skills to advance your career in high-growth roles across top companies

  • SV Academy prepares you to embrace AI tools while practicing your irreplaceable human skills

  • Sales is #3 in Highest Paying Jobs Without A DegreePer U.S. News

  • Sales and other customer-facing roles are some of the fastest growing jobsPer LinkedIn Jobs on the Rise report

  • No specific education or prior experience required

Why SV Academy

Breaking into the tech industry alone is challenging, but we’ve changed that: we’ve helped over 2000 graduates from diverse backgrounds launch new careers that start with tech sales. We’re not a bootcamp—we’re partners in your journey towards professional success and satisfaction.

We welcome all backgrounds

Your previous experience is your competitive advantage. Whether you’ve taught, served in the military, or played college sports, we'll help you apply your people skills to your future success.

We get you job-ready through active learning

Practice technical and professional skills with hands-on training in a collaborative environment and live employer projects.

We accelerate your career growth

Navigate the job search and then grow your career after getting hired with tailored support and coaching from certified professionals.

We help you find a supportive community

Join our powerful network of successful graduates, industry thought leaders, and employer partners that look to SV Academy first when hiring.

Have questions? Talk to someone who’s been there.

You can find SV Academy graduates across the industry

sv academy grads

“My life went from feeling helpless to empowered.”

sv academy grads

“I was able to purchase my first home at 23!”

sv academy grads

“SV Academy was one of the best decisions of my life.”

“SV Academy was the catalyst that started an upward trajectory for me. I finally have options and possibilities. Thank you for creating the platform that changed my life.”

Minter McHugh,Tech Sales Grad, Enterprise Business Development Representative

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“Since graduating 5 years ago, I went from an entry-level SDR role to my current role, Solutions Architect. I love the satisfaction, dynamism, and opportunities in the career I’ve built.”

Catherine Lo, Tech Sales Grad, Solutions Architect

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“SV Academy changed my life by acting as a conduit to a successful career. More than that though, it empowered me, provided an incredible community, and led me to financial strength.”

Rachel Gasparini,Tech Sales Grad, Enterprise Account Executive

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The SV Academy Program

Up to 4 months


12 weeks (10-15 hrs/week)

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Job search Support

Up to 3 months

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Career Coaching

3 months

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SV Community

A powerful network of successful graduates, industry thought leaders, and employer partners






hours per week

Live instruction and progress syncs

Cohort based learning

Live mentoring

Simulated work environment

Career Coaching

3 months

Group Mastery Circles

Certified career coaches

In-depth growth tracking

Promotion and career pathing

Our results speak for themselves.


SV Academy grads' average starting income

67 days

Average time it takes for SV Academy grads to get hired


Percentage of SV Academy graduates that get promoted within 1 year


Over 2000 job seekers have graduated from SV Academy

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Results based on a study of hired graduates. Please remember that past performance may not be indicative of future results. Your actual results may differ from results reported for many reasons. To be eligible for admission to SV Academy, applicants must 1) be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, 2) complete an online application, and 3) complete and pass a written assessment.