Why SV Academy

We’ve helped over 500 companies train top performing sales and client experience professionals. We’re not a bootcamp—we’re partners in your journey towards professional success and satisfaction.

Here’s how we do it with NO fees:

Create Your Ideal Candidate Profile

We work with employers to understand what their ideal candidate profile is, then source the right candidates they need to fill their open positions.


After sourcing, potential candidates go through a screening process where we evaluate them on their soft skills to make sure they’re the right fit.


Once candidates pass the screening phase, they undergo an intensive two-week training program where they learn all the necessary soft and hard technical skills to succeed in the role.


Learners are then onboarded to their new employer where we continue to provide on-going career coaching support for the next 12 weeks.

Are you ready to hire top performing sales and CS professionals for NO fees?

The SV Academy Program

SV Admissions + Interviews

Employer Interviews



SV Admissions + Interviews

We source talent based on your specifications

We interview applicant pool to determine best fit candidates

We send a shortlist of ideal candidates to you to run through your interview process

Employer Interviews

You run the shortlisted candidates through your interview process

You make a final call on the best fit candidates

The SV Team moves your selected candidates into the *pre-day 1 training


Upon selection by the employer, applicants embark on an intensive 2 week technical training

We focus on the necessary hard+soft skills needed for successful Sales and CS professionals

Explore the option to tailor our training to the specific systems used at your organization


Once training has been completed, residents begin to work for you full-time

During their residency period, we provide weekly mentor calls and additional training sessions (during off hours) to drastically reduce ramp time

Additionally, we meet with your managers regularly to ensure residents are exceeding expectations. Think of us as an extension of your management team

Our results speak for themselves.

3.5x Weeks

SV Academy residents onboard 3.5x faster than average new hires


Retention rate once onboarded


Of all graduates come from an underrepresented group


Over 3000 job seekers have graduated from SV Academy

Ready to get started?

You can find SV Academy graduates across the industry

sv academy grads

“My life went from feeling helpless to empowered.”

sv academy grads

“I was able to purchase my first home at 23!”

sv academy grads

“SV Academy was one of the best decisions of my life.”

“SV Academy was the catalyst that started an upward trajectory for me. I finally have options and possibilities. Thank you for creating the platform that changed my life.”

Minter McHugh,Tech Sales Grad, Enterprise Business Development Representative

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“Since graduating 5 years ago, I went from an entry-level SDR role to my current role, Solutions Architect. I love the satisfaction, dynamism, and opportunities in the career I’ve built.”

Catherine Lo, Tech Sales Grad, Solutions Architect

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“SV Academy changed my life by acting as a conduit to a successful career. More than that though, it empowered me, provided an incredible community, and led me to financial strength.”

Rachel Gasparini,Tech Sales Grad, Enterprise Account Executive

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