If you’re an ambitious, problem-solving rockstar, tech sales is an endlessly rewarding career

You’ll always be in demand

As tech continues to bring new services and digital products to market, sales roles remain essential for businesses. Despite crises, tech sales teams are still demanding talent to drive business outcomes.

Your career possibilities are endless and the pay is great

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$79Kavg. starting full-time offer
$148Ksalary of an experienced sales manager
$20Kavg. bonus at your first tech sales job

Take a look at some of the many career paths

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Salesforce Sales Development Representative Professional Certificate

Salesforce and SV Academy designed a professional SDR certificate with 5 courses available to anyone who wants to pursue a career in Tech Sales. Learn more

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SV Academy + Salesforce

A tech sales career is already paying off for these graduates.

Big time.



From an entry level sales role to six-figure Account Executive in 1 year



Three promotions in his first 18 months



Tripled her income in less than 3 years

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You’ll gain highly transferable skills

Selling is about being empathetic, persuasive, resilient, and connecting confidently with others. It’s not a coincidence that a third of CEOs come from a sales background. Name a career that doesn’t value these traits:

Tech Sales is not your typical sales

Tech Sales drives real value

Sales teams influence the evolution of products and services by delivering critical insights to customers

Tech Sales is future-proof

The tech industry’s disruptive nature has created an outsized demand for salespeople

Tech Sales is boundless

There are infinite opportunities to find niches aligned to your interests and passions

Tech Sales is stimulating

Nobody ever gets bored. You’ll find yourself right in the middle of the biggest global innovations

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